Blakemere's Weekly Blog - 10.11.2023

Date: 12th Nov 2023 @ 9:17am

We have once again achieved so much over the past week and the children should be proud of themselves. 

In English, the children took on the role of Helen this week from our story and planned and drafted a letter as if they were her. We talked about the features that a letter needs to include and then we planned our ides for each part of the letters. The writing the children produced was excellent and I was very impressed. We then went on to explore how we could vary our sentence starters so they do not start all the same way. Some of the strategies are ones we have already explored but some were new. It was about encouraging the children to stop and slow down when writing and think critically about how to change their writing. 

In Maths, we have continued to explore factors, prime numbers, squared and cubed numbers. I was very impressed with how some of the children tackled a problem called 'Prime Magic.' to do with prime numbers. It required the children to think logically and 'play around' with the numbers they have been given. 

As part of our 'Mini History topic on Remembrance' we have spent time exploring why people remember and then focused on detail on how the people of Nantwich remember. We have explored the different memorials that are around Nantwich which allow people to show respect and remember. We have also looked on the Cheshire Roll of Honour website for soldiers from Nantwich who sadly died during The Great War. The children then produced a biography about this hero using the information that they had been given.

This week was also Parliament Week at school. We have been tasked with exploring many different things to do with democracy, waht it means to live in a democractic society, what is a general election and how people vote and what devolution means. We started to complete tasks this week around these topics but our work will continue into next week. We were also extremely lucky to be able to take part in a virtual talk with Lord Renard on Friday morning. He shared his role in the House of Lords and told us about the job of House of Lords. The children had come up with a list of questions for him which he answered and we were able to learn lots about him and his role

 Monday 13th November sees the start of Anti-Bullying Week. It will begin with Odd Socks Day on Monday where children are encouraged to wear odd socks to school to celebrate and recognise that everyone is unique and different. I am very much looking forward to seeing everyone's odd socks on Monday.

What can you do at home?

  • Read with your child and encourage them to find books that they are interested in.
  • Encourage your child to practise their times tables on Times Table Rockstar. Times tables are incredibly important in all areas of Maths and a fast and confident recall ot them really helps. 
  • Practise the spellings that are sent home.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mrs M