Music Intent

Our intention is for our children at OSJ to become confident musicians able to compose, perform, critically analyse and discuss music to the best of their abilities. Music is used as a tool for enriching the children’s spirituality. They learn how to perform and listen to music when worshipping and praying. Stereotypes and prejudices are challenged through the delivery of a broad range of music. Our children learn to respect alternative opinions and the musical achievements of others. This prepares them to continue their musical journey once they leave OSJ. At the end of Year 6 they make informed choices about what to listen to and the musical activities they engage in.

 Our Music curriculum is designed to meet the content requirements of the National Curriculum. 

Within our school, Reception and Key Stage One children are taught in single age classes, whereas Key Stage Two children are taught across three mixed year group classes and our curriculum is designed to reflect this. Reception and Key Stage One children are taught a single year rolling programme of Music,  whereas in Key Stage 2, the teaching of Music is delivered over a two year rolling programme.

Please click on the links below to access our current Music Subject Map and the Music Progression of Skills and Knowledge document. 

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