Over St. John's Reading Champions

Reading Champions

Here are our Reading Champions from Year 5 and Year 6. 


These children submitted such wonderful applications as to why they were suitable for the role of Reading Champion. They had to think about and explain why they wanted to do this role, why they thought they would be good at the role, why reading is important and what stroy they would read during a whole school assembly. Their answers were incredible. Well done.

Reading Champion Roles and Responsibilities

The Reading Champions will be required to carry out the following duties:

Ensure the library is neat and tidy and all the books are in the correct place.

Ensure that the library is inviting for all children, placing new books on display and contributing to the library theme and display.

Fostering a love of reading throughout school by sharing their favourite books with others and recommending them

Supporting Mrs Snowdon’s story time assemblies.

Being a book buddy for children in Reception and Year 1.

Carry out evaluations of class reading areas and provide feedback.

Assist in the planning of reading themed events such as World Book Day.

Work with Mrs McLaughlin to develop a love of reading throughout the school.

April 2024

The Reading Champions have been working hard during the past month in school. They have created their own recommendations board in the library area based on thier favourite reads. They have also spent lots of time organising and sorting the library to ensure it is inviting for our children. They have also come up with a new library theme - discovering space. They have displayed lots of books linked to the this theme in the library. They have also organised themselves into two groups and each group will go and read with children in Sandymere or Hatchmere on a regualr basis. 

May 2024

The Reading Champions have started their roles now as reading buddies with the children in Hatchmere and Sandymere. On the 02.05.2024, the reading buddies selected different texts and then went to read with the children in Hatchmere. It was wonderful watching and listening to the children share different stories. All the children were fully involved and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Below are some photographs of the children reading stories together.