Physical Education

Physical Education Intent

At Over St Johns, we strive to produce an environment that inspires an active generation and allow our pupils to develop confidence and accept challenge when being physically active. We also aspire to create a generation of active learners who contain qualities such as: fair play, resilience, and determination. Through our Physical Education (PE) setting, we encourage the learners to develop a positive mindset enabling them to become successful, resilient learners not only in PE but in all areas of life. A key aim of our curriculum is to promote physical activity, good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle in our students and our PE teaching highlights the importance of these factors and there benefits to a long and happy life.

Our PE curriculum is designed to meet the content requirements of the National Curriculum. 

Within our school, Reception and Key Stage One children are taught in single age classes, whereas Key Stage Two children are taught across three mixed year group classes and our curriculum is designed to reflect this. 

Please click on the links below to access our current PE Subject Map and the PE Progression of Skills and Knowledge document


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