Blakemere's Weekly Blog - 24.11.2023

Date: 26th Nov 2023 @ 9:15am

The week's seem to be flying by now.I can't quite believe how close we are getting to December.

Over the past week, the children have taken part and completed lots of different tasks and activities in lots of different lessons.


In English, the children have now completed their flashback story in role of Lydia based on the themes from our class book. To write a story over five days has taken stamina and focus and the children have worked hard to maintain this. Their main aim was to try and include the mastery keys we had been learning throughout this unit of work into their writing along with writing in the style of a story. Once we had finishied our stories, we then spent some time with our editing partners to proof read our work. I am very much looking forward to reading the children's stories.

We are now moving on to our poetry unit, which I believe the children will very mjuch like the theme of. Can you maybe guess what the theme might be fro mthe images below?

Tiger 1.jpg Tiger 2.jpg Tiger 3.jpg



In Maths, this week, we have focused on developing and securing our understanding and knowledge of the short method of division and how our times tables are very important in this. By the end of the week, we have moved on to solving some quite challenging word problems in relation to division. 


We are almost at the end of our history topic on World War II and The Battle of Britain. This week, we were in role as Historians using evidence to help us to decide and understand why The Battle of Britain was seen as a significant turing point in World War II. We also explored the role of the fighter pilots, who Churchill named 'The Few' and the other significant roles that people had. The children created some clear answers to the questions using the evidence they were presented with. 


We continued with our investigation into the links between exercise and heart rate this week. The children had to pick a question that they wanted to investigate and then they needed to carry out the investigation to enable them to answer their chosen question. They made predictions, explored the variables that would part of the investigation, and how they were going to aim to make it a fair test to ensure that their results were correct. On occasions, it was tricky to locate our pulse rate and the children showed determination with this. We are now moving on to our Science topic of electriclty.


In RE, we have been exploring different descriptions of God - omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Why not ask your child what these mean?

We came up with some questions that we had in relation to these descriptions and then went on to answer the BIG Question of 'If God is so powerful, why do so many bad things happen in the world?' I was so impressed with the mature and thoughtout discussions and responses that the children had in relation to this question. Super job Blakemere!

Finally, a huge shout out to our children whose work was an excellent example for this week - Michael, Sophie, Lauren, Franklin, Leon and Jenson.

How you can help your child at home:

  • Encourage them to read at least four times a week. If they are unsure about their book, I am happy to recommend a text as it is important that we find the right one to encourage reading for pleasure.
  • Go on to Times Table Rock Stars to support the fluent recall and confidence of all times table facts.
  • Practise spellings.
  • Ensure your child has their PE in school on a Tuesday and Thursday. 
  • Ensure their reading folder is in school EVERY DAY.


Any questions, please do come and speak to me,

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Mrs M