Delamere's Weekly Blog - 1.12.2023

Date: 1st Dec 2023 @ 6:21pm

How are we already in December?! They do say that time flies when you are having fun and we are certainly having lots of fun in Delamere.

In English this week we completed our own version of ‘The Owl and the Pussy Cat’ and had all sorts of imaginative vehicles from pink limos to Mario Karts! We even managed to publish our poems and have our very own book proudly on display in the poetry basket of our reading area.

In Maths we began to add and subtract ones and then used our number bonds to ten to find efficient ways to add three 1-digit numbers together, e.g. 7 + 2 + 3 we know that 7 + 3 = 10 and 10 + 2 = 12. We were really pleased with how well the children used this strategy.

In DT this week we designed our own owl puppets thinking carefully about the purpose of them, who we were making them for and what we could use to make them. We now can’t wait to get started with the making stage!

In PE we enjoyed dancing like owls with feathers and learnt to swoop and huddle and gather in parliaments of owls. 

In RE we explored different types of kings and sorted different words to describe a king and Jesus the King and in Geography we learnt the seven continents and sang the continents song.

Our class song for the Carol Service is coming on really well so thank you for all of your support with this at home. Keep it up!

We have enjoyed learning the nursery rhyme ‘The Bear Went Over the Mountain’ this week and our big WELL DONE for Numbots goes to Daisy, Suzanne and Archie!

A massive THANK YOU to everyone who has brought in contributions for our class hamper. We really appreciate it at this busy time of year and the hampers are looking fantastic! It’s not too late to help out. If you have any present donations for Secret Santa they would be gratefully received. Any gift, big or small, particularly gifts for men would be really helpful.

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to lots more fun and learning next week.

Team Delamere

Coming up:

Wednesday 6th December: Christmas at Cotebrook trip for Hatchmere, Sandymere and Delamere!

Thursday 7th December: Christmas Disco 5.30pm – 7pm.