Delamere's Weekly Blog - 15.3.2024

Date: 15th Mar 2024 @ 3:14pm

Another jam packed week in Delamere!

The children are making such amazing progress with their swimming that they are not only impressing all of the staff involved but also surprising themselves! It is wonderful to see the resilience and determination that they are showing each day and we are all super proud of them. Thank you once again for your continued support, it is much appreciated.

We have also made some great progress in our Maths with the children becoming more confident in using and making arrays and grouping a set of objects into given equal groups, e.g. There are 12 objects, and there are 3 in each group. How many groups are there?

This week has been Science Week and the theme this year is Time. We have been working as botanists (a word that we found very funny, I can’t think why!) planting beans in lots of different ways. We have each planted a bean in a clear plastic pot so that we can observe what happens as it grows and another bean in our own mini greenhouses using compost and a zip lock bag to make a warm and damp environment. We have also set up a comparative test to see which conditions help a seed plant to grow into a healthy, mature plant. We will observe each of our experiments closely over time and record what we find. I wonder if our predictions will be correct.

In PSHE we have begun our learning in the unit ‘Practice makes Perfect’ and talked about all of the things that we are learning to do at the moment. Swimming was a big one for all of us, but we also shared that we are learning to ride a bike, do tricks on a skateboard, do the splits and write neatly. We were also able to share some of the things that we are getting better at and it was lovely to hear the children’s positive ideas. Next time we will look at different jobs that adults do.

Our big WELL DONE this week goes to Oscar, Tyler and Daisy for topping the Numbots leader board.

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to lots more fun and learning next week.

Team Delamere