Delamere's Weekly Blog - 15.9.2023

Date: 15th Sep 2023 @ 4:14pm

Well done Delamere for another great week in Year 2! We are really getting in the swing of things now.

On Tuesday we received some surprise post of a letter from someone called Timothy and a pair of deely boppers.  Mrs Williamson loved wearing the deely boppers and said they made her want to dance! There was also supposed to be a book in the letter but it had gone missing - we had to use some inferring skills to try and find out what this book was supposed to be and make our own notes.  We are can't wait to see the book when it finally arrives. 

In Maths we have been focusing on Place Value, spotting how many tens and ones make up different 2-digit numbers. We used diennes blocks to help us and began to use place value charts aswell.

 In Art this week we all received our very own sketchbooks for the first time.  Even Mrs Williamson has one! This was the cause of great excitement. In Art we looked at how artists used the wider world to look for inspiration for their art including making collections of items they had found and investigating these for their beauty, texture and colour. We then looked at some collections in the classroom.  Perhaps you could ask your child what collections they saw?  Could they bring in their own collections inspired by nature, the outdoors or from different environments such as shells or pebbles from the seaside or leaves, conkers or sticks from an autumn walk?

In Science we began to consider what the phrase 'living things and their habitats' means. We are looking forward to using our skills as biologists to explore this some more over the half term.

In History we recapped what a time line is and how it can help us as we explore the concept of chronology. We are excited to learn about some famous British Queens in our History unit this half term. 

Our big WELL DONE this week goes to our Numbots winners Beatrice, Daisy and Suzanne and Daisy and Matilda for being our first Excellent Examples of the year.

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to more fun and learning next week.

Team Delamere