Delamere's Weekly Blog - 29.9.23

Date: 29th Sep 2023 @ 2:36pm

Another wonderful week in Delamere class absolutely bursting with activities and discoveries!  

In English we have created our own troll characters and have been using our noun phrases within our troll descriptions.Remember a noun phrase is an adjective plus a noun such as tiny, googly eyes or long, stripy arms.

In maths we have looked at flexible ways of partitioning numbers such as 

10 + 63 = 73

20 + 53 - 73

30 + 43 = 73

In art we have continued to look at colections and have added words, photographs and sketching ideas to our sketchbooks.  They look fabulous!  Please send in autumn walk collections next week so we can continue to work with art in nature.

In PSHE this week we learnt about the importance of brushing our teeth. We found out that some of us have electric toothbrushes and some have brushes that we have to move ourselves. Some of us have mint tooth paste and some have strawberry. Most of all though, we now all know that we need to brush our teeth for 2 minutes in the morning and at bedtime. We practised the best way to get super clean and healthy teeth, brushing the front, back and tops of our teeth up and down, side to side and round and round. We have attached some of the songs and videos that we used to help us and we were surprised at how long 2 minutes actually is. We hope that they help to make teeth brushing a fun time in your house!


Super Simple Brush your Teeth Song


Toothrex Song for any Dinosaur fans


Luigi Toothbrush Timer Video


Bluey Toothbrush Timer Video


Encanto Toothbrush Timer


Paw Patrol Toothbrush Timer

In History this week we continued to use timelines to help us with our learning about the 3 famous Queens in England and Britain. We looked at a timeline and discovered which Queen reigned the furthest from now (Queen Elizabeth I), which Queen reigned the closest to now (Queen Elizabeth II) and that Queen Elizabeth II reigned for the longest time and Queen Elizabeth I for the shortest time. Queen Victoria was almost Queen for as long as Queen Elizabeth I but just missed out by just 6 years. We also used portraits of Queen Elizabeth I as historical sources and had some lovely discussions about what we could see then put them in order of when they were painted. Excellent Historical work Delamere! Next week we will learn more about what life was like during Queen Elizabeth I’s reign to help us towards our over-arching enquiry question, ‘Which Queen reigned at the best time?’

Phew! - Add in a break dancing lesson, phonics, handwriting and computing and we are full of knowledge and skills!

Numbots winners are Beatrice, Daisy and Tyler!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. 

Team Delamere