Delamere's Weekly Blog - 9.2.2024

Date: 9th Feb 2024 @ 4:12pm

Another very busy and productive week in Delamere.

In English we used our fabulous ideas to write a description of what Plop could see and the children worked really hard to include lots of our mastery keys, using adverbs, commas in a list and conjunctions to extend and link their ideas. We then began to unpick the features of a non-fiction text using a fact sheet called ‘All About Cats’, looking at headings, sub-headings, grouped information and vocabulary linked to the theme. We then used this to help us to plan our own fact sheet about owls and the children were so excited to record all of the knowledge that we have built up over the last few weeks. Today we wrote the introduction and the section about Appearance and we were amazed with some of the children's work. 

In our Maths sessions this week we have been using umber lines to support our subtraction and learning how we can jump back along the number line to first subtract the ones and then the tens. We used our knowledge of subtracting 10 from a 2-digit number and 100 grids when needed.

This week we also celebrated Number Day with all things Jellybeans! In Delamere we used our Jellybeans to measure lots of different things, from books to pencils to ourselves. We thought that it might have taken a little too long to use single Jellybeans to measure ourselves so we used giant Jellybeans and strips of 10 Jellybeans. It was lots of fun and we even got to take some Jellybeans home!

In History this week the children worked as Historians firstly by creating a timeline of the events of the Great Fire of London and then by looking closely at a variety of evidence to see what information we could find from each source. The children were fantastic detectives and a big shout out goes to Oscar who showed great skill in looking for details.

In Geography we created puzzles of the world and in Music we continued learning about pitch through our animals unit.

Next Wednesday we are very excited to be visiting our local library! Please make sure that children have suitable coats and footwear as we will be walking.

Our big WELL DONE goes to Lily, Daisy and Archie this week for topping the Numbots leader board.

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend (not too wet!) and look forward to more fun and learning next week.

Team Delamere