Delamere's Weekly Blog

Date: 2nd Mar 2024 @ 10:35am

We hope that you have had a great half term break. The children have come back with a great attitude ready for lots of fun and learning.

We have begun our new Mats unit of Multiplication and Division and the children are flying! We have looked at recognising equal groups, making equal groups and adding equal groups and the children have showed a great understanding as we have progressed through the week. We have recorded repeated addition sentences, such as 2 + 2 + 2 = 6 and have begun to explore the multiplication sign using the language of ‘lots of’, so the repeated addition above could also be represented as 3 x 2 = 6, or 3 lots of 2 equals 6. Well done Delamere, you are nearly ready for Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS). Watch this space!

In English this week we have finished off publishing our owl fact sheets ready to display in our classroom and they are absolutely brilliant. We will post pictures as soon as the display is complete.

In Geography this week we worked in groups to make posters about our favourite continent and in History we sorted through facts about the Great Fire of London and created our own plaques to explain why the fire spread so quickly and for so long. In RE we explored the stories of Joseph and Moses in our Judaism unit and in Science we used playdough to explore how we can change the shape of some objects by twisting, bending, squashing and stretching them.

I have attached the photos from our Library visit before half term and we have had a book refresh in our classroom library. I wonder if your child can tell you a new book that they have discovered?


Next week is the start of our daily block of swimming sessions. We are all very excited about the sessions. To help your child ahead of this please could you encourage them to practise putting on their costume/trunks independently and using a towel to dry themselves after a bath or shower. We also recommend that children don’t wear tights as they are very tricky to put on after swimming.

I have copied the 2 emails sent earlier in the week below with all of the relevant information.

We will be taking our pupils in Delamere class swimming at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School every day for three weeks, commencing on Monday 4th March 2024.

For their swimming lessons they will need a towel, a fitted swimsuit/swimming trunks and goggles in school with them every day. Please note bikinis and Bermuda shorts are not suitable for swimming lessons. As we will be walking to St Joseph’s each day, please ensure your child has a warm, waterproof coat and a warm hat with them each day too.

 We have been advised that the children will need a cover up and slip on shoes to use just before entering and after exiting the pool area next week, for example a dressing gown and flip flops/sliders.

The lessons will take place during the normal school day and the children will be back in school for normal pick up at 3pm. Their last lesson will be on Friday 22 March 2024. 

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our nursery rhyme for next week is London’s Burning. You might like to listen to it using the following link.

On Thursday 7th March, we shall be celebrating World Book Day at school.This year, we are asking children to dress up in their own clothes to represent who they are.The theme this year is about being unique, being diverse, being you! We are going to focus on the poem 'People will always need people' by Benjamin Zephaniah and we shall be leanring part of it to recite along with the rest of the school. We will also be exploring the book 'Leaf' within class.

Our big WELL DONE this week goes to Oscar, Tyler and Archie for topping the Numbots leader board.

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to more fun and learning (and swimming!) next week.

Team Delamere