Hatchmere's Class Blog 22.9.23

Date: 22nd Sep 2023 @ 3:41pm

Hello Hatchmere.

Our class timetable has settled down this week and the children are getting used to the routines of literacy, maths, P.E. and phonics. There has also been a very cheeky visitor… The Gingerbread Man!!

Hatchmere entered their classroom at the beginning of the week to find that someone had been in and left floury footsteps everywhere! Who was it? Why were they here? The children donned their detective hats, grabbed a magnifying glass and began their sleuthing.

Inspired from their detective work the children set about creating their very own gingerbread man. They followed the recipe instructions carefully using sequencing language and cooked some very yummy biscuits. Later in the week they were decorated and enjoyed for snack.

Hatchmere were challenged to create a Wanted poster describing the Gingerbread as, clearly, there was one on the loose in school. They were able to use some of the sounds that they know to make marks explaining what the rest of the school should look out for.

In maths this week the children have been exploring the numbers 1,2,3. They have even taken their counting skills into their P.E. lesson and had lots of fun.

We try to encourage the children to prepare themselves for their learning and they have gotten off to a fabulous start. For example, the children will enter the classroom from playtime, toilet and wash their hands, then organise their equipment and write their name. This small starter activity switches their focus from chatting with friends and running around, to listening and ready to learn. The children are really enjoying the challenge of becoming more and more independent within their classroom. This week in phonics we have been exploring the s,a,t and p sounds. Can they spot anything in your home that starts or ends with one of those sounds?

A gentle reminder that the children need to bring in their ‘All About Me’ pack so that they may talk to their classmates about themselves and their families. This is then displayed within the classroom to refer back to.

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