Hatchmere's Class Blog 8.12.23

Date: 7th Dec 2023 @ 4:43pm

The festive season has arrived in Hatchmere. 

The children have been practicing their performance for our Carol Concert next week, you are all certainly in for a treat! All outfits are provided by the school, however, today your child has come home with a slip that explains who they have chosen to be and what they may need to add to their costume (leggings/tights/long sleeve t-shirt). We are so excited for all of our adults to join us as we re-tell The Nativity Story. 

Our class trip to ‘Christmas at Cotebrook’ was a huge hit. Hatchmere rode Father Christmas’ Sleigh, petted Angel the Shire Horse, brushed lovely Pearl the Shetland pony and saw a very big and very smelly pig! Chickens and Geese were roaming freely alongside a very cheeky swan. The children got to visit with the big man himself and request a gift for Christmas. Unicorns and race cars were at the top of list. During our ‘Walk on the Wildside’ we were introduced to Mabel the Otter who was making lots of noise as she was waiting to be fed her fish. We then went onto see the pole cats and Scottish wild cats being fed. Mrs Teece was then beside herself with excitement as we were taken to a fox enclosure and saw a very beautiful male fox. The Owls were feeling a little overwhelmed with a crowd, so we didn’t witness them flying but they were watching us very closely to make sure that we didn’t take their food! We finished off the day with Lunch with Father Christmas and his elves. Please see below for some beautiful pictures of the children. 

Hatchmere would like to pass on special thanks to Mrs Whalley, Mrs Forbes and Miss Powell for volunteering to join us on our trip, you were all an amazing support to the children. Thank you! 

Next week we will continue to prepare for our performance alongside enjoying some Christmas activities in the classroom. Our focus sound will be ‘ar’ and we will be reading and sequencing the book Dear Santa using the relevant props. It is going to be a very festive week indeed. 

Enjoy your weekend!