Linmere's weekly blog 10/12/23

Date: 10th Dec 2023 @ 1:49pm

We've made it to  the last week of the term and the children have continued to make lots of progress again this week. 

Over the past week, the children have done some brilliant writing that involved us to trying to create tension and suspense. For this, the children took a small section of the Beowulf story and created a scenario where a shadow figure was lurking around the area. 

The children were also challenged in their maths and they continued to work on solving inverse problems. They also progressed onto the tricky skill of column multiplication and showed some good perservance to grasp elements of this skill. During the rest of the week, the children continued their DT work on food and nutrition. This work involved the children looking at the terminology: fresh, caught, seasonality and reared and then discussing how this relates to the ingredients we use in the UK.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend and I'll see you tomorrow. 

Mr Pasquill