Linmere's weekly blog 17.11.23

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 4:02pm

Linmere have been challenged in lots of ways this week and have managed to get some good work done. 

A challenge the children overcame  this week was our maths work on subtraction. The children were not put off by this new math's topic and lots of them managed to subtract two four-digit numbers from each other. We also started our new book Beowulf this week and children wrote some predictions for this book based on the front cover and blurb. 

Some really nice work the children did this week was based around the Himalayas in geography. In these sessions, the children began to understand why the Himalayas are important in Hinduism and how the people who live their survive and deal the difficulites they face. 

Have a nice weekend. 

Mr Pasquill