Linmere's weekly blog 19/1/24

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 3:22pm

Despite the cold weather, Linmere has been busy place once again.

Over the week, we finally finished our maths work on long multiplication and we’ve now started our work on division. Literacy this week has all been about speech and all the children created speech sandwiches for characters within our book. This tricky concept involved the children role playing a conversation between characters and then adding the dialogue and actions to their writing.

A standout piece of work from the week was the children’s R.E work where they were challenged to sum up all our work on the Christmas story. For this lesson, the children created a poster summarising all the good news from the Christmas story and then explaining the signs of good news within the bible.

Have a nice weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

Mr Pasquill