Linmere's weekly blog 3/12/23

Date: 3rd Dec 2023 @ 7:35pm

Linmere have been busy again this week and have done some different and exciting things.

This week, the children took part in a viking day at the Weaver Hall Museum. This trip involved the children learning about  what a viking's life would be like and discussing artefacts and their links to this period of time. 

During the rest of the week, the children continued their work on Beowulf and began to describe some of main characters such as Hrothgar and Grendel. They did this by forming expanded noun phrases, similes and thinking about the vocabulary they use. Maths this week involved some challenging topics such as checking answers and understanding how to perform inverse operations. The children did well to cope with these challenges and managed to perform these difficult skills.

I hope you've all had a nice weekend.

See you tomorrow. 

Mr Pasquill