Oakmere Class Blog 12.2.24

Date: 12th Feb 2024 @ 8:09pm

Good evening.

Sorry for the lateness of my blog, I managed to lose the memory card with all the photographs from the zoo trip. I have now found it (yes it was in a strange place!) and you will see that I have included the pictures below.

The trip to the zoo was fantastic and we were so lucky with weather. We had a couple of showers, but the children just took it in their stride. I can honestly say I have never seen so many of the animals out-they obviously like the cold and rain. The children were beautifully behaved, and I was very proud of their good manners.  Several comments were  made by other people about how good our class was and one zookeeper was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of food chains.

We also went on a visit to Winsford Library where the librarian explained all the different activities that happen at the library and the children all got to choose a book to add to our class bookshelves. A leaflet was sent home with the children about how you can go and join. It is such a good resource to have in our town and joining it is a good way of showing your support.

In English we started our diary entry, and we will be continuing with it this week. The children will be encouraged to use adverbs, prepositions, and fronted adverbials to help sequence their writing. We will then work on editing our writing looking very closely at how to check our spelling.

In Maths we continue to learn our eight times table and work on multiplication problems. This week we looked at the book ‘How many Jellybeans?’ with the children and then did some Jellybean maths. In our class we worked out how many jellybeans they would need to buy to have some every day. We also tallied which was our favourite flavour.

In Science we started to look at shadows and how they are formed. We have our fingers crossed that the sun will be out enough this week so we can track the passing of the sun and explore how shadows change throughout the day.

I am looking forward to seeing you at your Pupil Consultation meeting this week.

Mrs Kelly