Oakmere Blog 21.1.2024

Date: 21st Jan 2024 @ 9:08pm

Hello Oakmere

Hope you have had a lovely weekend despite the weather? The children have worked hard on finishing their poems and editing for spelling. We have been using the dictionaries and exploring root words and suffixes. Next week I will include pictures of the amazing work they have done.

In English we will be starting our new book, making predictions based on the front cover, and exploring the new vocabulary. The children will be working towards writing their own fantasy story based on a fable. This week in spellings we will be looking at adding un and dis.

In Maths we will continue to learn the seven times table and using it in our lessons.  The children are multiplying a two-digit number by a single digit.  This is where the children’s knowledge of the times tables they have learnt comes into play. The better the children know these tables the better they will be at this next step.

In Science we are starting a new topic about Light. We will still be watching the progress our worms make in our class wormery. See if your children can explain why worms are so important to our world.

In History we will continue to explore the Mayan world and this week we will be looking at the counting system they used. The children will be looking at some sources to see if they can find the numbers and interpret what they mean.

In Art, this week we will continue to look at colour and form. The children will be exploring the work of Henri Matisse and how he used layering and collage to create art. The children will observe a video of Matisse instructing his students how to ‘paint with scissors’ and then have a go at working in his style.

In PSHE the children in Year 4 will be learning First Aid and in Year 3 will be learning about touch-understanding the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch and understand personal boundaries.

In RE the children are continuing to work on Humanism. Exploring the question ‘Why do humanists think all humans are special?’

Here is to another great week.

Mrs Kelly