Oakmere Class Blog 1.10.23

Date: 1st Oct 2023 @ 8:09pm


I hope you have had a great weekend and you are ready for Monday?  Last week was a busy week and as per usual the children rose to the challenge.  We were looking at noun verb agreement in English and how these impacts on our writing.  The children were able to apply this skill to their independent piece of writing which we are hoping to display in our classroom.  We are continuing to work hard on our handwriting and the children are encouraged to join up at all times.  This week we will be looking at some poetry about seals which fits in nicely with our class text. 

In maths we looked at how known number facts helped the children work out place value sums and understand the sequence of numbers.  This week we are going to continue with learning our three times table.  Please don’t forget to go on Times Table Rockstar every night.  This is something the children can do by themselves and is really beneficial to learning those tricky times tables.  As a class we check several times a week who has been on and it is nice to praise the children who consistently make the effort.

In Science we are looking at the skeleton and how it works.  The children will be comparing it to animal skeletons and finding the commonalities and differences.  In Geography we are learning about the Mediterranean, especially the tourism industry in Greece.  Now going to Greece to researched that would be a nice field trip! 

On Monday the children are asked if they want to change their reading book and those that don’t are given opportunities during the week.  These opportunities are not at three at the end of the school day but first thing in the morning.  If we have noticed a child has had a book for a few weeks, we will always check with them if they are ready to change. Please can I remind you to read as often as you can as this makes a huge difference to the children’s learning. 

See you on Monday.

Mrs Kelly