Oakmere Class Blog 18.3.24

Date: 17th Mar 2024 @ 8:58pm

Hello Oakmere

It was a bit of an odd ending to our week but enough of the class came in for us to do a bit of art and look at the work the children did at home. We will be using the children experience of going for a Spring walk to write about the last scene in our book. The children will be looking at  using noun phrases and similes to improve the quality of their writing.  In our Guided Reaing sessions we will be looking at inference and finding information from the text.

In Maths we will continue to work on fractions and the nine times table. We will be looking at equivalent fractions and starting to add fractions using number lines and bar models to help. In in our mental maths activity this week we will be exploring place value and how we can use it to help with subtraction up to a thousand. Well done to our TTRS winners this week.  Please remember to encourage your child to play on TTRS at least three times a week. The skills the children practice on TTRS are vitally important to the work they do in class. Those children who struggle to go on TTRS at home will be given the opportunity to do this work in school instead.

In Science week the topic was 'Time' so to tie in with our topic of light we looked at sundials and how they work. The weather wasn’t on our side last week, so we had to create our own sundials in the classroom with torches and paper.  Anyone walking into our classroom would have seen alot of children crawling around in the dark armed with torches and rulers.  I have promised the children if we have a sunny day will try our experiment outside. In Science we are starting a new topic looking at forces and magnets. The children will be experimenting on how forces can make a small car move and what forces can slow down a toy car.

In Geography we will be looking at how deforestation of the rainforest impacts on the local environment and globally. In Art, the children are working on mixing and painting the colours they need for their collage work inspired by Henri Matisse and Henri Rosseau.

Have a great week.

Mrs Kelly