Oakmere Class Blog 17.6.24

Date: 17th Jun 2024 @ 12:11am


The children worked hard last week to complete their five paragraphs retell of the Stone Aged Boy. They altered the events in the story and brought the time forward into the Neolithic part of the Stone Age. The children will be moving onto to our new book ‘Big Blue Whale by Nicola Davies. This week we will be exploring the vocabulary in the book and reading up about different types of whales.

In Maths we are moving onto money. We will be adding and subtracting money and solving different money problems. This is one of the areas were knowing your times tables really helps. Adding 5p is the five times table, 2p is two times table etc. Keep going on the Times Table Rockstar as it really helps with everyday maths.

In Science we continue to record the growth of our nasturtiums and the control plants to see the effect of withdrawing either, sun, heat, or water. The children are also observing the life cycle of a plant through the growth of their ‘Grass Gremlins’-ask the children. This week we will be looking at how the stem of a flowering plant is used to transport water.

In History we will complete our investigation into how Stone Age man made salt. The children have been quite fascinated by our salt creation in the class and have observed it daily. It will be interesting to see how much of the water has evaporated over the weekend.

In RE we will be explore the main beliefs of the Islamic faith and look at how they are observed in the modern world. The children will be looking at how keepsake boxes are designed and decorated. The children will start to collect ideas for their own simple keepsake box. In PE we continue to work with the coach for Gymnastic and outside games with myself. 

Have a great week.

Mrs Kelly