Oakmere Class Blog 28.1.24

Date: 28th Jan 2024 @ 8:36pm

Hello Oakmere

Last week was one of those weeks we never seemed to stop! Some of the highlights for me was the lovely comments made by a cover teacher about our class,  finishing our science topic on rocks and the children feeling like they were geologists, one of our children completing Numbots and the cheer the whole class spontaneously gave her. A great week all round.

This week we are continuing our work on the book ‘Winters Child’ and exploring the first few scenes in the book. The children will be looking at how we use tenses, verbs, and prepositions in a sentence. We will be revisiting the punctuation used in direct speech and writing a list poem. In our guided reading sessions, we will be comparing the four poems we have been reading and complete a comprehension activity and discuss which is our preferred poem and why. This week we are fortunate enough to take place in a virtual lesson with the illustrator Yu Rong.

In Maths we are moving onto the eight times table and looking at the links between multiplication and division. The children will be using vertical multiplication without exchanging and will be relying heavily on their knowledge of the times table. Please try to ensure that your child goes on TTRS at least four times a week.

In Science we have moved onto the topic of light and the children were exploring what is a source of light and what isn’t. We had a great discussion about the moon and mirrors and how a reflective surface responds to light. We will continue to explore this in our Science this week. We are also keeping a close eye on our wormery and building up our rock collection.

In History the children will be exploring the Mayan counting system and how it impacted on trade throughout the Mesoamerica and further afield. The children have been using the counting system in their early morning maths starter and looking for evidence of numbers in the carvings at Mayan historical sites.

In Art we are going to look at Mayan artwork to find elements and shapes to use in our collage work. The children will hopefully be inspired by the work of Henri Matisse to paint with scissor. We will be looking at how colours work together to show negative and positive space.

In PE we will be putting all our skills together and be attempting a game of Netball and be working on their dance skills with a coach. In RE the children will continue to explore Humanism and how to explore each person’s potential.

Have a great week

Mrs Kelly