Oakmere Class Blog 5.11.23

Date: 5th Nov 2023 @ 10:44pm

Hello Oakmere

It was lovely to see the children after the half term and hear what they had got up to.  I am pretty sure they will have more to tell me on Monday about Fireworks and Bonfires.  My class do seem to like a good chat and I think ‘Show and Tell’ is the high light of the week.

In Literacy last week we finished off our story and worked on how to write a character description of one of the main characters.  This week we will be retelling the story from the seals point of view.  The children will be working to organise their writing into paragraphs.

In maths last week we looked at the column method of addition up to 3 digits and subtraction using exchanging.  The children will continue to work on this method this week.  We are moving onto the six times table this week and the children will be listening to the song below as we do our daily times table task.  I have also included the six times table on TTRS so the children might have found that a bit tricky this weekend.

6 Times Table Song (You're Welcome from Moana) - YouTube

In Science this week we will be moving onto our new topic looking at rocks and how they are formed.  Some of the children have already started to bring me interesting rocks they have found but if you have anything at home you would like to send in so we can research it and categorise it that would be great.

This week in History we will be exploring the role animals played in the war as well as talking about Remembrance Sunday.  The children will be researching the Dickin medals, of which seventy-five have been awarded.  In PSHE we will be exploring Parliament week and how democracy effects us as people and as a country. 

Please remember to send in your child’s reading folder every day as we do try to hear them read as often as possible.  We gave out quite a few Readopoly tokens last week and hopefully this week even more. 

Have a great week.

Mrs Kelly