Oakmere Class Blog 5.2.24

Date: 4th Feb 2024 @ 10:23pm

Hi Oakmere.

I hope you have all had a good weekend and the children are ready to start another busy week.

Some of the highlights last week were the children’s level of engagement with the virtual  lesson with the illustrator Yu Rong, the children’s singing in collective worship, their positive response to our KiVA Anti-Bulling sessions and how well we are doing on our reading. Well done to Toby who won our raffle ticket dip this week-probably something to do with how hard he is working on his maths.

In English, this week we are going to explore adverbs and fronted adverbials with the children. These will be used in their writing of a diary entry for the main character of our book. In spellings this week we are exploring prefixes, and our reading is focussed on inference. We are going to visit Winsford Library on Wednesday morning to have a talk from the librarian and to see what services the library offers. We are so lucky to have such a fabulous resource in our town.

We have our Maths Day this Tuesday where we will be using the book How many Jellybeans? by Andrea Monetti. In our class we will be using our multiplication skills to figure out how many bags of jellybeans we would need to buy for us to have some everyday. Don’t forget to send in your heaviest potato and carrot. 

In Science this week we are exploring shadows and the how the shadows change throughout the day. The children will be talking about the patterns they see. We will ensure the children understand that it isn’t safe to look into the sun.  We will be checking into our wormery and no doubt the children will have found more rocks to sort.

In Art, the children are mixing the colours they need for their collage work and painting sheets of paper. These will then be used to create their collage work. The children will be going to the Zoo on Friday where we are hoping to see some of the animals that would have been familiar to the Mayans. We are going to make sketches of these animals and then use these sketches to create collages.

In PE we are starting our lessons on hockey and continuing with the coach on Tuesday. In RE the children are looking at the importance Humanism places on self worth and potential.

Don’t forget to send your child’s reading record journal in on Monday.  Last Monday we had nearly half the class who didn’t bring their reading journal in and quite a few of the books had no comments in. I will be emailing reminders out from this Monday. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is for our children to read as often as possible.

Have a great week.

Mrs Kelly