Oakmere Class Blog15.1.24

Date: 14th Jan 2024 @ 10:10pm

Hello Oakmere

Our first full week back at school after the Christmas holidays and what a busy week. In English, the children were finishing off their Winter poems and at the beginning of next week the children will be working through their poems and editing them  Once this is finished the children will copy them down in their best handwriting to go up on our writing wall. The children have been reading lots and I am expecting to give out even more readopoly tokens this week.

In Maths this week we have been using our knowledge of multiplications to work out related facts. The children have used their knowledge of the ten times table to work out multiplying by one hundred. We have been learning the seven times table in class and the children have been doing well. On a Friday, the children do a times table test and this score is recorded in their reading journal.  From now on I will send the test home so you can see which calculations your child needs to work on or how brilliant they are.

We are coming to the end of our Science topic of rocks and soil this week. The children examined soil from a variety of sources and looked closely at what soil is made of. We set up a wormery with layers of sand, soil, and potato peel to see how worms work to create soil and break down organic matter. We shall be keeping an eye on the wormery over the next few months to see what the worms will do.

In History we are continuing to explore the Mayan culture and last week we were using the Mayan glyphs to write our names and secret messages.  This week we are going to learn about the Mayan calendar and try to work out our birthdays.

We are continuing to work on our Gymnastic and  Netball skills in PE. We have had a few games using the skills the children have been working on and we are really staring to see a development in the children’s ball skills. The coach who teaches our class has nothing but praise for how hard the class is working.

We will be starting our new art topic this week and the children will be using the ‘look closely’ method to explore the patterns and shapes within a piece of art. This ‘look closely’ method will then be used as we move onto using collage and printing skills to create art.

Have a great week

Mrs Kelly