Oakmere's Weekly Blog 24.9.23

Date: 24th Sep 2023 @ 8:41pm


We had a great week in Oakmere and the children have been brilliant again!

They were so mature about the cancelling of our trip and quite interested in learning more about hornets.  On a personal note, I am very pleased the wardens at the site were so safety conscious and efficient as I am pretty sure I am not that interested in seeing a hornet in real life.  Hopefully it will be rescheduled shortly, and we will be able to go on our trip.

This week we have also been making our own inks using the plants in our environment.  We are going to use this skill this week in our art lesson where we are going to make observational drawings of the plants in our environment and then work in teams to create the colours we need. 

In maths this week we were looking at place value using a number line. This week we are moving onto using our knowledge of place value and number bonds to ten to look at addition of numbers up to a thousand.

In English we are continuing to look at Seal Surfer and we are rewriting the opening paragraph using  own noun phrases and adding our own personal ideas to the paragraph.  Some of the children have created the opening in a different season and others with different character.

In Science we had a great chat to the lady from the Wildlife Trust about habitats and the ecology of the Quarry Reserve.  We even got to take her around our outside space and talk about the habitats we were creating.

Here to another great week.

Mrs Kelly