Welcome to our curriculum page.

Here you will be able to see all of the amazing things we have been doing within all areas of the curriculum. Our curriculum map on our class page will tell you more about each subject, the area of learning and the skills and knowledge development we shall be working on. Below is a brief overview about some of the subjects and what we shall be learning this term. Keep coming back to this page as I will add more detail and photographs of work as we complete it.  

Autumn Term


In History, we shall be exploring and learning about World War II. We shall be focusing on the key enquiry question of What happened duting the Battle of Britain? Throughout this unit of work, we shall be exploring a vareity of different primary and secondary sources of inforamtion to help us to learn about World War II and some of the significant events from this war including The Battle of Britain, The Dunkirk Evacuation and The Blitz. We shall be learning about some of the important dates within the war and the countries that we were involved. We shall also look at the different roles of people within the war and why they were all significant.

Prior to exploring World War II, we shall explore the chronology of British and World history. We shall place significant dates on to a timeline and explore how these events throughout history are linked together. 

Week 1

We started off our history topic by being archaeologists. The children were given a variety of artefacts from different time periods in British and World History. They had to explore the artefacts and then and work out what they items were, how they may have been used and what period in history they came from. Some items were easier to identify than others. 





Remembrance Day 

For Remembrance, we shall be exploring the enquiry question of How do Natwich remember? We shall complete a small unit of work on this where we shall look into the different ways the people of Nantwich remember those people who have fought for our country in many different wars.


During the second part of the Autumn term, we shall be exploring living in the UK within geography. We shall be exploring the countries that make up the United Kingdom, locating the major cities and landmarks, exploring the physical features of the UK including rivers and coastlines and looking at how human activity can affect the landscape. We shall also be looking at trade and the importance of this.


In Science, we shall be working in role as a biologist and cardiologist‘ and exploring and learning about the circulatory system. We shall look at each part of the circulatory system in detail: the heart, lungs and blood, we shall explore the impact of exercise on the body and look at the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  In the second part of the Autumn term, we shall be working in role as a physicist and learning about electricity. We shall be learning about the components of electrical circuits and making lots of different circuits. 


Later in the term, we shall undertake our design technology unit where we shall exploring pulleys and gears to make a moving object of choice.


We shall be exploring how we can create typography through drawing and design, and use our skills to create personal and highly visual maps.


We will be exploring a few different key questions within RE this term. We shall be exploring:

 How does the ‘Sermon on the Mount’ help Christians to follow Jesus?

How do different Christians describe God?

Why do Christians want to share the world’s resources?

How do different artists show what is important about the Incarnation?

How do different global communities show what is important about the Incarnation?