Hatchmere's Class Blog 17.11.23

Date: 17th Nov 2023 @ 3:32pm

This week we have really embodied our class Christian value of ‘Friendship’.

We have welcomed lots of new friends this week! Firstly, we have a visiting Elf. Herbie Hatchmere, the Reading Elf, came to our classroom on Monday and is intending to stay for a little while. Herbie wrote us a letter to explain that he would fetch a new book each day for the class to read. Our leader for the day opens up the book and we read the ‘blurb’ on the back to learn a little more about it. We then enjoy the book today at some point during the day. Herbie has already gifted us some wonderful books. Whilst most Elves are not allowed to be touched, Herbie loves stories, so the children are allowed to sit him on their knee to read him a story but then must return him to his ‘chair’ when they are finished. Herbie has been a lovely addition to our classroom.

Today, a new classmate arrived in Hatchmere and they were welcomed by children who know the importance of friendship, kindness and respect. The children smiled, invited them to play, shared their games and activities and helped them with classroom routines. As part of our Anti-bullying week the children have been focussed on using kind words and being good friends. Well done Hatchmere, we are so proud of you.

Another exciting visit this week saw Hatchmere being introduced to some Owls from Vale Royal Falconry. The children were introduced to 4 different breeds of Owls and had the opportunity to learn some very interesting ‘owl facts’; Can they tell you one?

Literacy saw the children writing a letter to ‘Plan-ahead Bruce’ asking him to consider letting ‘Spontaneous Cyril’ have The. Very. Last. Nuts. Of. The. Season. Cyril didn’t have any food (ask your child why) and Bruce had lots. Hatchmere were very thoughtful and did not want Cyril to be hungry. The children also wrote about what kind of food Cyril might like to eat.

In Math the children have been exploring capacity and using words such as: full, empty, half full, nearly empty. They have also learned about ‘parts’ of a ‘whole’. Lots of concrete resources were used to explore this concept (numicon, multi-link and our own bodies!). We have some fantastic mathematicians in Hatchmere.

As part of ‘Friendship Friday’ we have challenged the children to team up with a friend to make a friendship bracelet. The children talked to their friend to find out what their favourite colours were and then went and created beautiful bracelet for them. Hatchmere showed some fabulous communication and language skills by asking a question and listening carefully to the answer to complete a task. We have a few more to finish off on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend.

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