Hatchmere's Class Blog 19.1.24

Date: 19th Jan 2024 @ 8:42am

Hello from a very chilly Hatchmere!


We had a lovely morning in the snow on Monday. The children were excited to get outside and 'play' with it. This gave Hatchmere a fabulous learning opportunity. They were able to describe the feel of the snow, they discussed why it snowed and made predictions about what may happen to the snow in the near future.


We have had some roving reporters in Hatchmere finding out exactly what has happened at the Hatchmere Bus Stop. We were shocked/angry/frustrated/disappointed because we had some very important places to be. What a Naughty Bus! The children decided that they were going to create their own bus to go on their journeys together. We have been to the football, Legoland and The London Eye. All aboard!!


Hatchmere have been investigating the number 7. What do we know about this number? Can we match a numeral with a group of objects. This requires counting carefully (1:1 correspondence) and knowing the amount of objects that are there. Do we carry on counting or have we reached our stopping number (cardinal number)? Now, we need to find the match numeral. Here, the children are using lots of mathematical skills that will provide them with a firm foundation in number. The children have demonstrated super communication skills whilst trying to order themselves into a numberline, it was great to see the children talking to each other and discussing which number goes where.


As you can see from the writing below, the children are developing their writing and sentence formation beautifully. All of the staff in Hatchmere are incredibly proud of them. The children are now being challenged to re-read their sentences to check that it makes sense. Can your child spot their work?

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