Hatchmere's Class Blog 19.4.24

Date: 19th Apr 2024 @ 10:30am

We have had a lovey 1st week back despite the weather trying it’s hardest to spoil it. 

The children have explored lots of different lifecycles this week and can explain how they go round and round. They wrote about their own lifecycles too. Hatchmere wrote about themselves as a baby, as a child and what they might do as an adult. There have been some wonderful conversations. 

In maths this week the children have practiced using a range of strategies to count groups. I have been impressed with how carefully they can sort a number of items in order to carefully count and then use their 1:1 correspondence skills to ensure accurate counting. Well done Hatchmere! 

Hatchmere have practiced their HFW over and over and over again (but sshhhh, they don’t know it!). The children have had so much fun hiding and finding the HFW ducks and then matching them to the correct word on the HFW grid. It has been our most popular activity this week. Learning through play is the best kind of learning. 

Sandymere very kindly invited Hatchmere to their classroom to to watch a musical performance of The Three Little Pigs. We were so excited to see it as we have recently read The Three Little Pigs in Drawing Club! The children listened carefully for the instruments used to represent building, hay, sticks, bricks and the wolf clibing up the chimney. The best part was when the wolf fell into the water with a big 'symbol' splash.

See you next week.

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