Hatchmere's Class Blog 24.11.23

Date: 24th Nov 2023 @ 5:19pm

Hello Hatchmere, 

We are really enjoying having Herbie Hatchmere in our classroom. Lots of children have been inspired to read him a story and Herbie has written to us to let us know how much he is enjoying them. 

In Literacy this week the children have put their investigation skills to the test and sorting about a big messy pile of books into ‘Information’ and ‘Story’ piles. We discussed what characteristics each of these categories of books have and lots of the children were able to identify that most of information books have photographs in whilst story books have drawings/paintings in them. We also discussed the meaning of a contents page, and we checked if our information books all had them…they did! We had a think about our class focus text ‘The Squirrels who Squabbled’, was this an information book or a story book. Hatchmere rightly identified that the squirrels in our book could talk, they had cupboards, and they could write so it was obviously a story because squirrels can’t do that in real life. 

Our Mathematicians have been hard at work dissecting the numbers of 3, 4 and 5. We have been creating patterns using our Multi-link, building our own Numberblock towers and following on and completing a colour pattern. The children are becoming ever-more confident in completing tasks independently while discussing the numbers with their friends.  

This week the children have been snowman designing. Their individual snowmen will be on display in the CineWindow in Winsford Town Centre over the festive period…can your child spot theirs? 

I am so proud of the way Hatchmere get themselves ready for P.E. The whole class needs very little support. They prepare themselves for their lesson by collecting their P.E. kit, undressing/dressing and leaving their clothes very neatly on the backs of their chairs ready to re-dress when they return from their lessons. Thank you to our Hatchmerian families who support their children to independently dress/undress at home, this has led to children who feel proud and confident in their abilities to organise their clothes. 

The children have been introduced to The Nativity Story during their R.E. lesson this week. They were able to use our dedicated dress up clothes whilst they retold it. They were fabulous! This is a nice little introduction to our Carol Service and Hatchmere’s Nativity performance. We are really looking forward to it. 

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