Hatchmere's Class Blog 26.1.24

Date: 26th Jan 2024 @ 3:41pm

Last week we were chilly; this week we have been blown away! So, hello from a windswept Hatchmere. 

First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the adults who have made extra donations to ensure that our whole class Chester Zoo trip may go ahead on Friday 9th February. Your kindness is very much appreciated.  

If you are still yet to donate on your child’s behalf, you can do so though the School Spider parent portal. 

On Monday the children came into school to find the Naughty Bus had been into our classroom and wreaked havoc. There were beans all over the table, he had created a road around the classroom and caused all sorts of mess. Hatchmere got right to work looking for clues that would tell them where he had been. No wonder Jack’s Mum sent him outside. Hatchmere thought it would be a good idea to write a letter to Jack’s Mum explaining that the Naughty Bus had paid a visit to our classroom too and even we thought it was a good idea to send him outside! 

In maths this week Hatchmere have been showing us their number bonds to 5! What a smart class! The children have completed independent Math’s activities consolidating their learning so far and showing us that they understand the fiveness of 5. Can they tell you some number bonds to 5? 

The children have explored Internet Safety. We talked about how we should never access the internet without an adult present. The children confidently told me that if something had upset them online, they would tell an adult straight away. However, the lines became a little blurred for them when we explored APPS that they may have access too. We discussed that Tik Tok and Snapchat were not APPS that they should be accessing at all. This is an area that we will revisit. I have attached a link that our families can access that gives advice about setting up parental controls and talking to your child about keeping themselves safe online. 

NSPCC Keeping Children Safe Online

Hatchmere are really enjoying their Gymnastic lessons. They are exploring the basic gymnastic shapes and practicing their balancing skills. Today they have been traveling along beams and safely jumping and landing. The children are working on correct form and keeping themselves safe whilst challenging their bodies to do something new. 

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