Hatchmere's Class Blog 29.9.23

Date: 29th Sep 2023 @ 3:51pm

Hello Hatchmerians, 

The children are really enjoying our gingerbread man story and can show me how he can scamper and the cow can thunder. Both are a description of the way the character travels but with important distinctions which the children can now recognise. It has had the children thinking about other descriptive words in the story and the ways in which they can be portrayed. All that sounds very complicated, but we just call it ‘reading a story’ and we enjoy it together. 

Hatchmere have had to teach Wibbly Wobbly Wand how to count accurately this week. That silly wand was not being careful and was going far too fast to count properly. He also carried on counting when he came to the last object. The children very sensibly taught Wibbly Wobbly Wand to count slowly, touch each object that he counts and to stop counting on the last object (cardinal number). Now our wand can count correctly….phew! Well done Hatchmere. 

In our Monster Phonics sessions this week the children have been re-capping on taught sounds and explored the ‘i and n’ sounds. We have been using our sounds to read some words. We sound the words out 3 times and then blend the sounds together 3 times to read the words. The children are always excited to play our sound games and show me how they can form their letters. A super start to our phonics journey. 

Literacy this week has been focused on our listening carefully to the sounds in the words, pan, sit, tap and in. The children identified some of the sounds that they knew and wrote them down to label the corresponding pictures.  

In P.E. we have been working on our spatial awareness (not bumping into another, turning safely and traveling in different ways). The children have been listening carefully to game rules and understand the importance of following the instructions so that the game is played, fairly, by all. 

Thank you to all of the adults who have supported their children's journey into reading. The vast majority of Hatchmere are already on the Readopoly Board with a star! Reading diaries will be checked on Monday and stars given to those children who have 4 recorded instances of reading. Keep reading Hatchmere!

You may have heard the children mention doing some classroom tasks independently (ask your child what that word means 😊). These are small challenges that the children can complete without the aid of an adult, although we are always there to support and encourage. We often find the children’s confidence soars at the introduction of these activities which then transfer into their learning in our classroom. 

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