Hatchmere's Class Blog and World Book Day 8.3.24

Date: 8th Mar 2024 @ 3:28pm

Hello Hatchmerians, 

 We have had a wonderful week in Hatchmere! Did you know that we have discovered a magic pond in our Outside Classroom? Hiding very quietly on some rocks and behind some flowers was a Bog Baby, it was very exciting. The children’s writing focus this week has been to describe the Bog Baby; can they tell you what he looks like? 

Hatchmere were able to create their own Bog Babies using clay and pipe cleaners. We really enjoyed rolling and patting and getting the shape just right. When they have dried Hatchmere will paint them and put them on display in the classroom. 

In Drawing Club this week Hatchmere have turned on their 'Imagination Stations' and come up with some marvellous, revolting and funny ‘Would You Rather’ questions inspired by the book Would You Rather by John Burningham. The children have been all around the school asking different adults their questions and insisting that they make a decision. It has been so much fun. 

Wonderful, wonderful, World Book Day saw the children to come as themselves. We had some fabulous outfits on show that required a whole class picture (shown below). Hatchmere read The Hueys in the New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers and gave some wonderful advice both to Rupert and the other Hueys. The children thought that Rupert should wear whatever he felt comfortable with and that the other Hueys should stop being unkind. We all agreed that showing Respect for other people’s choices, even if you don’t agree, was the right course of action. Hatchmere then created their own jumpers, that were all different but looked perfect together. 

We followed this wonderful story by looking at other books by Oliver Jeffers and the children were surprised that they recognised lots of them; How to Catch a Star, Lost and Found, The Way Back Home and The Day the Crayons quit. Hatchmere were then curious as to what other books their favourite authors had wrote. We found lots by Julia Donaldson, some by Allan Ahlberg and from this week’s Drawing Club more books written by John Burningham. The children each took a book home from their favourite authors to share with their families. 

Hatchmere have another exciting learning week planned for next week and we can’t wait! 

Enjoy your weekend, 

The Hatchmere Team 

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